Female Indie artists

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Female Indie artists

Women of indie bands have a lot to offer you as listeners. It is important that we celebrate the female artists in our community and their influence on music in general. The music scenes of our cities are often dominated by men. The only music that gets played that often at city parties and other social events are hits by men. It seems that for these events, there needs to be a balance of noise to ensure a joyful environment. This means that we can celebrate female talent and independent female artists who have made a major impact on our society as well as the world.

One such woman of the moment is Kelis, whose unique voice has a sad, almost jaded quality to it. She sings about personal things that other female indie artists don’t often express, which makes her music all the more powerful for such a genre of music to be. Her songs are dark and sultry, yet the singer is infectiously bubbly and fun. Kelis’ voice tone is very different to other singers in this genre; however, if she wasn’t versatile, she wouldn’t have made a name for herself in this particular genre.

Another prominent female vocalist in the female indie artists is Sufjan Stevens. Sufjan is a man behind the guitar sound, yet his lyrics are also amazing. He has a unique style and is one of the few male artists in the world today who is able to bring rock and roll to a female audience with equal measures of ferocity and charisma. His music inspires a sense of female loyalty and freedom as well as an appreciation for the beauty of rock music.

Another great female musician from this year is Jessy Banks. As Jessy sings about partying and being a bad girl, it seems she would fit right in with the best of Rock and Roll stars of the past. Her soft vocals compliment her rock music, which also features on her hit single ‘Wake Your Mind Up’. She has made her presence felt in the Rock genre, which is always a good thing when you consider how many great female musicians are still making a mark in the Indie music scene.

From a wider perspective, London-based band Chvrches bring a unique sound to the table. They have a hard rock sound mixed with a heavy presence of synths, which they portray quite well on their debut album ‘Chvrches’, which was released in March of this year. Their music is a fusion of retro electronica, classic pop songs and modern electronica, all under the band name Chvrches.

Glasgow-based band Glasspool have gained quite a bit of attention over the past few years, thanks to their unique sound and energy. The band gained their inspiration from the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead and LCD Soundsystem. After creating a self-titled debut album in 2021, the group went into the studio to record their debut effort ‘Afterlife’. The new song, which is due to be released later this year, will feature several guest spots by legendary producer Carl Cox, who has worked with both Chvrches and Glasspool. The band’s upcoming album ‘Secrets’, which is due out later this year, will feature the works of well-known songwriter Paul Winter. This should prove to be a major breakthrough for the genre, which is seeing many artists taking a shot at the Indie music pie.

One other band that has been making waves in the Indie music scene recently is Australia’s female-fronted band, The Arctic Monkeys. The group has been playing live for several years now and their songs have been attracting audiences from around the world. Their self titled 2021 album took nearly two years to produce and they used several guest stars, most notably Weezer’s Ben Gibot. Though the band has not yet had the huge success which many other bands have had in the early years of their existence, they have managed to maintain a consistently high profile, thanks largely in part to the efforts of their lead singer, Ben Gibot.

One other band that has been gaining popularity among female indie artists is the band called Fifth Tree. They have a very unique sound, which is characterized by a mix of folk and punk. They tend to play slower songs than other Indie bands, though they still manage to be highly energetic and captivating. One song from their latest album, entitled ‘The Ballad Of Me’, has even been covered by several other musicians, most notable The Killers. If you would like to know more about these artists, then you can do an online search using the names of the above bands.